BIO of Charlie Santiago

Charlie Santiago is a fashion photographer based in Miami and Winter Park Florida. His work has been described as Classic, romantic and clean. These are three qualities that make up a perfect image and Charlie nails it every time.

Even a brief glimpse at the stunning results of Charlie Santiago’s fashion photography suggests a unique 21st century fashion photographer with an exceptional pedigree and understanding of his craft.

Technically brilliant, Charlie’ composes and captures imagery through creative instincts honed on a global stage over two decades. From Chicago to Florida. From Milan to the Paris. Whether editorial or sharply commercial, the transformation of real life to final image through the Charlie’s lens is an art in itself.

The unashamed beauty of the images on the Fashion pages contrasts with the fantastical creations unveiled in his Photomontage galleries. Select his Flash Portfolio to see how Charlie adapts to editorial presentation, and then check out the cheek and directness Fashion pages.

His understanding of Concepts and Design and his unique editorial style enable Charlie to understand conceptualize and create a masterful image this has gained respect with Art Directors and editors alike, add into this the ability to Post Produce & Retouch images to a high level and you have an edge over many other fashion photographers. If you would like to book Charlie, call or drop him a line via email.

Famed for his technical, creative but simple and elegant lighting his pictures have been adored by many art directors nationally and internationally. Many feel relaxed in Charlie’ and secure in his artistic and creative skills to get the shot.

Charlie is much in demand for his highbrow editorial imagery but also required by many are his exceptional retouching and composite skills. He creates exceptional inspiring and different imagery.